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updated 3:58 PM CEST, May 12, 2023
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EANA position on artificial intelligence in the health sector

EANA's position on artificial intelligence in the health sector

At its meeting on November 30th, 2018 in Luxembourg, EANA ( European Working Group of Practitioners and Specialists in Free Practice ) has agreed on the following elements :

Artificial intelligence is neither a threat nor the absolute panacea, but certainly constitutes a major development of our activity. It is an additional technology at the service of patients to provide them quickly with quality medical information, thereby giving them the necessary elements to control their health.

The physician must support the responsible attitude and the medical competence of the patient.

Initial and continuous training of physicians must be adapted rapidly to allow optimal use of the tools of artificial intelligence and to help manage the evolution of medical progress.

Physicians will be able to use artificial intelligence without delay as a technical expert support tool, thereby giving them the time necessary for collaborative work and relations with their patients on an individual level.

EANA recommends utmost vigilance as of now to the institutions in the evaluation of the care needs to train the health professionals as closely as possible to the needs of the population.